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Finder - Much More Than Relays!

Not only do Finder manufacture top quality industrial relays, they also have many other excellent products in their portfolio. Read on to discover some of their popular products and their applications.

Finder - Pioneers of the Modern Step Relay

Finder provide a comprehensive choice of relays and sockets for use in industrial control panels for purposes such as monitoring power, motor control and various automation applications. Discover some of their most popular relays and their uses here.

Trust Over 50 Years of Experience to Protect Your Electrical Installations

Whatever the conditions you can ensure your electrical installations are protected with Fibox's extensive range of plastic and polycarbonate enclosures.

The Complete Lug Crimping Solution from Cembre

The cost of guesswork selecting the correct lug / tool can be astronomical – failed connections. Cable crimps and lugs are an engineered solution to provide the connection of power and control cables to equipment and busbar. Cembre and TLA can take the guesswork out of product and tool selection for you.

Klauke’s Greenlee LS50LFLEX Packs a Punch!

Cutting holes in your mild steel or stainless steel enclosures can be a messy, noisy and time consuming process, what with the effort and noise of using a hole saw to then deburring those sharp edges. Read how Klauke Greenlee LS50LFLEX battery powered hydraulic punching tool, with its choice of punch sets, can turn cutting holes into a faster, quieter operation which leaves a clean finish to your enclosure's surfaces.

Beat the Elements with nVent Hoffman’s Range of Polyester Enclosures

Want to avoid unnecessary downtime from damage to your outdoor electrical installations in challenging conditions? nVent Hoffman have the solution with their range of durable polyester enclosures, (Compact UCP/UCPT and Modular UDP/UDPT) which will protect your electrical components whatever the weather.

Let TLA Modifications Centre Do The Hard Work For You!

Instead of carrying out the time and labour consuming tasks of manually modifying electrical control panel enclosures yourself, find out how TLA Modifications Centre can save you time and money using our state of the art machinery to modify, paint and even label your enclosures.

Have you discovered the full range of IDEC products yet?

You may be familiar with some of IDEC's products such as relays and PLCs, but did you know their range is far more extensive, including HMI screens, Industrial Switches and Emergency Stop Buttons, and LED Lighting products? Read on to discover their wide range of products, many now available with their time saving S3 Push In Terminals technology.

Klippon® Connect WPD Phased Colour Distribution Blocks by Weidmuller

Take a look at the space saving Klippon® Connect WPD Phased Colour Distribution Blocks by Weidmuller, available in brown, black, grey and blue. Using PUSH IN technology they're ideal for multiple technologies being placed within a confined area providing a simple and safe solution for varied connections to be interchangeable, allowing aluminium and copper conductors to be installed within a compact space.

New to TLA! The IBOCO T1 Range Of Panel Trunking

We are proud to announce that we are now official suppliers of IBOCO products. Discover their T1 range of wide slot and narrow open slot trunking products along with a full range of accessories that work in conjunction with the trunking, providing time saving solutions.

Increase Your Motor’s Lifespan with ABB’s Range of Softstarters

Conventional starting methods can place alot of stress on your machine's motor. ABB softstarters can provide a solution to protect it's lifespan.

nVent Hoffman Click-In Technology For Enclosures

Click–In To Save Time & Money. Combining floor standing enclosures can be a time consuming task, so how about using a system which doesn’t require any installation tools, can be carried out by one person and reduces assembly time by at least 14 minutes for each two bayed enclosures. Now that’s got to be worth investigating…