Terminal blocks have to withstand a great deal – day in and day out. In addition to being robust and reliable, they have to be clearly arranged and easy to use. Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those encountered in the process industry. 

Any choice of connection technology very much depends on the application in question. Whether you opt for a screw variant, a spring variant or our innovative PUSH IN technology, our proven Weidmüller connection systems and the comprehensive Klippon® Connect product range allow you to complete all applications in the panel efficiently and flexibly.

Spring connection with PUSH IN Technology

PUSH IN Technology


Weidmuller Tension Clamp Technology

Tension Clamp Technology

Weidmuller Clamping Yoke Technology

Clamping Yoke Technology

Weidmuller Stud Technology

Stud Technology

Spring Connection with PUSH IN Technology

The innovative PUSH IN technology reduces the amount of time you spend on wiring, to a minimum. Direct insertion guarantees high conductor pull-out forces and simple handling for all conductor types.

The A Series is available in 1, 2 and 3 tier configurations from 1.5mm to a max size of 16mm.  


View the A-Series range of Weidmuller Terminals. 

Push In, 2.5mm, 2 Conductor, G/Y

Push In, 2.5mm,  3 Conductor, G/Y

Push In, 4.0mm, 2 Conductor, Dark Beige

Spring Clamp Connection with Tension Clamp Technology

Tension clamp technology is a universal contact system for all common conductor connection types. Its fantastic level of flexibility makes the tension clamp a profitable alternative connection. 

The standard range of feed through terminals are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 tiers from 1.5mm to 35mm.

View the Z Series Tension Clamp Range of Weidmuller Terminals. 

Weidmuller Tension Clamp Lock Terminals

ZDU 2.5mm Feed-through terminal block
ZDU 2.5/3AN GR Feed-through terminal block
ZDU 2.5/4AN Feed-through terminal block
ZPE 2.5 Earth terminal clamp
ZDK 2.5 Feed-through terminal block
ZDL 2.5/SI/DU Fuse Terminal block


Klippon® Connect with clamping yoke Technology

Klippon® Connect with Clamping Yoke Technology

The high reliability and variety of designs of the terminal blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easier and optimises operational safety. Klippon Connect provides a proven response to a range of different requirements.

View the W Series & SAK Range of terminals from Weidmuller


SAK2.5/35 Screw Clamp Terminal, Beige, 2.5mm

SAK4/35 Screw Clamp Terminal, Beige, 4.0mm

WDU2.5 Feed-through terminal block

DK Feed-through Double Deck Screw Clamp Terminal, Beige, 4.0mm

SAK6/35PA Screw Clamp Terminal, Beige, 6.0mm

WDK2.5 Disconnect terminal block

Klippon® Connect with Stud Technology

Weidmuller stud terminals are an established, robust connection alternative for particularly harsh environments. the extensive accessories and quality workmanship ensure high productivity in planning and installation whilst also offering sustainable safety in operation.

View the WF/WFF Series & the SRL Series of Stud Technology Terminals.

WFF35 Double Stud Terminal Block

WFF70 Double Stud Terminal Block 70mm

WFF120 Double Stud Terminal Block 120mm

WFF185 Double Stud Terminal Block 185mm

WFF300 Double Stud Terminal Block 300mm

Produce Faster with Higher Flexibility & Efficiency

Todays market confronts you with difficult challenges in mechanical and plant engineering in addition to control panel manufacture. The requirement for specially designed products is becoming more elaborate and complex while price pressures, lead times and last minute design changes become the norm.

To meet the growing demands of the market you need highlight efficient planning and manufacturing process. You have to be sure the products delivered are 100 reliable and Weidmuller offers this everytime. Browse the the full Weidmuller terminal block range or download the brochures below to help with your product selection. Alternatively call us on 01159 893 999 to speak to a member of our technical team.