Weidmuller U-Link Remote Access Router

The remote maintenance of machines and plants is often complex and time-consuming. Additionally, there is also the demand for a targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. For many users, these two issues make the connection of plants around the world a major obstacle.

u-link guarantees a quick and secure access to machines and plants while also allowing for efficient management of production plants, user clients, access rights or firmware versions. The intuitive u-link interfaces are quick and easy to configure without expert knowledge and adaptable to specific processes. Safeguarded servers in Europe also provide an online platform that ensures conformity between different IT systems when carrying out remote maintenance.

Weidmuller U-Link Industrial Remote Access Router

U-link Remote Access Service

u-link is a great basis for the secure and affordable assembly even of comprehensive remote maintenance topologies. The clear structure means that multiple plants and users are easy to manage.

  • Intuitive operation and independent account administration
  • Integrity thanks to an exclusive server and database instance per account
  • Clear dashboard for troubleshooting
  • Remote initialization of VPN-tunnel from service PC
  • Total transpaprency thanks to logging of connections
  • Security according to recommendation of German Federal Office for Information Security

Simple & Secure Plant Maintenance

The Weidmuller u-link remote access router  is the perfect remote-maintenance solution for machine construction companies and plant operators. You can maintain a very productive system, even without having any in-depth IT expertise. Quick, secure, and simple. As official Weidmuller automation partners, TLA have the technical expertise to assist you with the implementation and specification of the right remote access system for your automation needs. Contact us to request an in depth discussion or a demonstration of the remote access system backend.

Optimised Network Infrastructure

Optimised Network Infrastructure

Ulink Easier Configuration

Easier Configuration

Weidmuller ulink High degree of security intelligence

High Degree of Network Security

Weidmuller ulink High Degree of Security

Real Time Communication

Flexible Range of Products
Flexible Range Of Products
High Network Availability
High Network Availability
Ulink Automation
Automate High Performance Machines
U link Intelligent seperation
Intelligent Seperation

Reduce Machine Downtime With Remote Access

Production plants and key machines can work reliably for weeks and month without hassle but then suddenly an error occurs leading to machine downtime. With no service staff on site, time passes before the examine and order replacement parts. All leading to reduced productivity and lost turnover. 

U-Link offers the perfect solution, easy to operate, easy to install and easy to set up. The industrial remote access system provides a secure and encrypted cloud based virtual private network that integrates an unlimited number of plants worldwide. 


All It Takes Is Three Elements;

The Service PC, The Cloud Server & An Industrial Router.
The VPN is installed on the service staffs computer which creates a secure connection to the cloud server. From here a VPN channel is created to the plants industrial router. Access is only admitted when the service staff are granted access by plant staff to complete maintenance tasks. 

Industrial Security Router

Weidmüller’s Industrial Ethernet Router ensures that different networks interoperate in unison and with top-level security.
Product features
  • High-performance industrial security router with integrated firewall
  • Separation of networks e.g. for office and production level
  • Cellular internet connection via 4G LTE
  • Secure remote access with VPN
U-Link Remote Routers