Beat the Elements with nVent Hoffman’s Range of Polyester Enclosures

The sun may be shining now as this is being written, but as a rule the UK is a soggy old island! In 2020 an average of 1,308 millimeters (51.5 inches) of rainfall was recorded and according to Ordnance Survey, in mainland UK we’re surrounded by 17,819km (that’s 11,072.76 miles in old money ;-) )of coastline. Add on all the islands and that goes up to 31,368 km (19,491.17 miles). That’s potentially a lot of water (and salt) that can put components in outdoor electrical installations in danger of failure.

Without the right enclosure your outdoor electrical installations are at risk from damage from challenging conditions. With IP ratings of IP66 (UCP/UCPT range) and IP 65/54 (UDP/UDPT) you can avoid unnecessary downtime with nVent Hoffman’s range of durable polyester wall mount enclosures.

nVent Hoffman’s UCP/UCPT and UDP/UDPT range of wall mounted polyester enclosures are ideal to protect installations against harsh environments for a wide range of industries including:
  • Offshore Wind Farms
  • Rail Industry
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Oil Rigs
  • Highways
  • Marinas

For such demanding conditions these sturdy fibre-glass reinforced polyester enclosures include features such as:
  • Option of plain door or transparent door
  • Temperature range of -25 °C to 70 °C
  • Self extinguishing and halogen free material
  • Double insulated, according to EN61439-1 standard
  • High corrosion resistance
  • UV resistant

The nVent Hoffman polyester range of enclosures are available in two versions –

          UCP/UCPT Range

            Technical data can be found HERE.

A range of compact single door wall mounted enclosures range with an IP rating of IP66. Available in a wide range of sizes the enclosures have a monoblock moulded 3 mm thick body and come in a finish of RAL 7035 pre-coloured raw material. With the option of plain door (UCP) or transparent viewing door (UCPT) this range protects the components within from dust, salt and water.


Technical data can be found HERE.

A range of modular wall mounted enclosures with an IP rating of IP 65/54, these modular moulded enclosures can be combined to create a solution for your application. A moulded body with rear fixing these enclosures can be directly fixed to a wall or by using wall brackets. Available in a wide range of sizes these single door enclosures are manufactured in a RAL 7035 pre-coloured raw material, with the option of a plain door (UDP) with an EPDM gasket glued against the frame or with a transparent viewing door (UDPT).

So whether you’re trying to battle the elements in the UK or anywhere else in the world that presents a challenging environment, nVent Hoffman’s polyester range of enclosures are the perfect solution to protecting your installations’ components.

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