Introducing The Wago TOPJOB® S Terminal With Lever Connection

If you're looking for a fast, safe and secure way to connect conductors without tools, then the TOPJOB S rail mount terminal blocks from Wago is the ideal choice.

Did you know that the impressive Wago TOPJOB S terminal range is available in 3 actuation models; lever, pushbutton and operating slot. 

But let's focus TOPJOB S Terminal Modelson the TOPJOB range with lever action. With this type of connection, opening and closing a clamping point by hand is simple. The intuitive design is especially useful when making connections in the field. Suitable for all connector types, the lever remains open for simultaneous connection of difficult to bend conductors across large cross sections. Solid, stranded conductors and fine stranded conductors with gas light crimped ferrules can also be connected by push in termination thanks to Wago's push in cage clamp technology used in the popular and proven operating slot terminals also by Wago.


TOPJOB Rail Mount Terminal With LeverSo, what are the advantages of using the manual lever terminals? Firstly, the model is inherently intuitive and tool free and the lever stays open freeing your hands for quick and simple wiring. For additional reassurance the lever position clearly indicates whether the clamping point is open or closed; the connection is secure when the easy to use lever is quickly and simply lowered into a closed position. This reduces the risk of forgetting terminal points when wiring or connecting conductors incorrectly. 

TLA are delighted to offer the range of TOPJOB S terminal blocks from Wago at a very competitive price. To view the nominal cross sections and conductor variants or to learn more about how this intuitive range of connection materials can help you to work faster and safer, visit our TOPJOB feature page. 


Rest assured, the existing Wago marking system and multi functional jumpers can be used across the range for all of the TOPJOB actuation models for consistancy and simplicity. Test options are also available for all variants.

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