TLA Product Range

We stock a very wide range of high quality products, from market leading manufacturers.

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 air circuit breaker
 air conditioning units
 anti-condensation heaters
 bottle fuse
 braided sleeving
 BS4343 plugs
 BS4343 sockets
 busbar supports
 busbar systems
 bush brass
 bush plastic
 cable 6181Y
 cable CY
 cable flexible
 cable H07 rubber
 cable low smoke and fume
 cable LSF
 cable markers
 cable SWA
 cable SY
 cable ties
 cable tri rated
 cable triangle
 cable trunking
 cable trunking low smoke and fume
 cable trunking LSF
 cable YY
 changeover switch
 circuit breakers
 circuit protection
 coils for contactors
 cool tech solid state relay
 copper bar
 copper braid
 copper tube lugs
 crimp lugs
 current & voltage monitors
 current transformers
 cy cable
 danger labels
 DC power supply
 DIN Instruments
 din rail
 din rail 15mm deep
 din rail 15mm deep slotted
 din rail 15mm wide
 din rail 15mm wide slotted
 din rail 35mm wide
 din rail 35mm wide slotted
 din rail heavy duty
 din rail heavy duty slotted
 din rail mounted power supplies
 din rail terminal
 din standard fuses
 distribution banks
 distribution blocks
 distribution boards
 distribution panels
 dol starters - direct on line
 drives ac
 drives constant torque
 drives dc
 drives variable torque
 earth bars
 electronic & Mechanical Timers
 electronic Monitors
 enclosure cooling
 enclosure cooling air conditioning
 enclosure cooling fans
 enclosures grp
 enclosures painted sheet steel
 enclosures plastic
 enclosures stainless steel
 energy management systems
 flexible conduit
 flexible copper bar
 fuse - protistor
 fuse - semi conductor
 fuse blocks
 fuse holders
 G rail
 G rail slotted
 gland A type
 gland dome top
 gland plastic
 gland SWA
 gland sy
 glass re-enforced polyester enclosures
 grommet blind
 grommet closed
 grommet niglon
 grommet open
 heat shrink
 heatshrink sleeving all colours
 heatshrink sleeving green & yellow striped
 high speed fuses
 high voltage fuses
 hours run meters
 hrc fuses high rupturing capacity
 human machine interface
 industrial fans
 industrial plugs
 industrial plugs and socket
 industrial sockets
 injection brakes dc
 insulated copper bar
 insulating supports
 insulator posts
 inverter drives
 isolator enclosed
 junction box
 kilo watt hour meters
 kwh meter
 KWH meters
 lighting - control panel
 lighting - control panel door switch
 limit switch
 locknut black enamel
 locknut brass
 locknut galvanised
 locknut plastic
 low voltage fuses
 lsf cable
 manual motor starter
 mcb (miniature circuit breaker)
 mccb (moulded case circuit breaker)
 metallic spacers
 mini plc's
 motor circuit breaker
 motor power monitors (Over/Under)
 multifunction timer
 NH fuse disconnector
 NH fuse link
 NH fuse link aM
 NH fuse link gG
 NH fuse link high speed
 NH fuse link semi conductor
 overload relays
 overload relays electronic
 overload relays thermal
 pan assembly
 panel meters
 panel trunking
 panel trunking black
 panel trunking closed slot
 panel trunking grey
 panel trunking narrow slot
 panel trunking open slot
 panel trunking wide slot
 pilot light
 pilot light lamp test
 pilot light lamp test led
 pilot light led
 pilot light led lamp test
 power analyser
 power analyser multifunction
 power distribution blocks
 power factor correction
 power factor correction contactors
 power supplies and DC converters
 printing systems
 product list
 programmable controllers
 programmable logic controllers
 protection relays
 push buttons
 push buttons 16mm
 push buttons 22mm
 red spot fuse
 red spot fuse holder
 relay 11 pin
 relay 11 pin octal type
 relay 14 pin
 relay 2 pole
 relay 3 pole
 relay 4 pole
 relay 6mm wide
 relay 8 pin
 relay 8 pin octal type
 relay base
 relay MY4 type
 relay socket
 relay1 pole
 residual current circuit breaker
 residual current device
 safeclip fuse holder
 safety relay
 selector switches
 selector switches spring return
 sensor capacitive
 sensor inductive
 sensor photo electric
 signal converter
 sleeves hellerman
 sleeves neoprene rubber
 sleeving heatshrink
 sleeving heatshrink adhesive lined
 soft starter
 solid state relay
 stand off insulators
 star delta starters
 star delta timer
 surge protector
 swa cable
 switch - changeover
 switch disconnector
 switch fuse
 switch fuse enclosed
 sy cable
 terminal din rail mounting
 terminal disconnect
 terminal enclosure
 terminal fuse holder
 terminal stud type
 thermostat din rail mounting
 thermostat for cooling
 thermostat tamperproof
 thermostsat for heating
 thyristor controller
 timer 14 pin
 timer multi function
 timer relays
 timer star delta
 touch screens
 tri rated cable
 triangle cable
 trunking black
 trunking closed slot
 trunking grey
 trunking low smoke and fume
 trunking LSF
 trunking narrow slot
 trunking open slot
 trunking wide slot
 TS35 din rail
 TS35 din rail slotted
 vacuum contactor
 variable speed drives
 voltage labels
 warning labels
 yy cable


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