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Fulleon Beacon SO/A/SW/3C and SO/R/SR/3C


SO/A/SW/3C = AMBER LENS: £18.48
SO/R/SR/3C = RED BASE: £18.48

Solex Beacon Shallow Base
Voltage 10 to 60Vdc
Current - 35mA @24Vdc
Light output - 3Cd
Temperature - 25ºC to + 70ºC
On Shallow Base Protection IP54
On Deep Base Protection IP65


ROLP/SB/RL/R/S 24: £36.82

Shallow Base
32 tones
Voltage 9 - 28Vdc
Current 21mA (tone 3)
Sound output 102dB(A) (tone 3)
Temperature - 10ºC to + 55ºC
On Shallow BaseProtection IP54
On Deep Base Protection IP65

Fulleon Sounder Beacon ROLP/SB/RL/R/S

Fulleon Sounder Beacon FL/BL/W/S/12V/SWITCH


FL/BL/W/S/12V/SWITCH: £37.11

2 tones
Rolp Deep base
Voltage 9 - 15Vdc
Current 16mA (tone 2)
Sound output 102 dB(A) (tone 2)
Temperature - 25ºC to + 70ºC
IP Rating IP65


ROLP/R/D/3: £16.22
ROLP/R/D/3 POTTED: £17.43

32 Tones
Rolp Deep base DC Voltage Red
Voltage 9 - 28Vdc
Current 16mA (tone 3)
Sound output 102dB(A) (tone 3)
Temperature - 25ºC to + 70ºC
IP Rating IP65

Fulleon Sounder ROLP/R/D/3

Fulleon Sounder AP/W 9-28VDC


AP/W 9-28VDC: £12.33
AP/W/S/VC/24VAC: £14.67

Current 18mA @ 24Vdc
Temperature - 25ºC to + 70ºC
Sound Output 92dB(A) at 24Vdc
IP Rating IP65


RO/R/D/L 24 AC: £20.16

Roshni deep base 24vac/dc lockable
32 Tones
Voltage 15V to 30Vac / dc
Current 25mA ac / 16mA dc
Sound Output 103dB(A) typical @ 1m
Temperature - 25ºC to + 70ºC
IP rating IP65

Fulleon Sounder RO/R/D/L 24 AC

Fulleon Sounder 8900900/HB


8900900/HB: £19.91

Banshee sounder-red (deep base only)
32 Tones
Voltage 9V to 30Vdc
Sound Output 106dB(A) typical @ 1m
Temperature - 40ºC to + 70ºC
IP rating IP66


P9XBD Sounder 24Volt AC/DC: £11.97
P9XBM Sounder 110-240V: £11.97

22mm Panel Mount
Sound Output 80dB(A) typical @ 1m
IP rating IP66

GFulleon Sounder P9XBD 24Volt AC/DC

Fulleon Base shallow or deep


Shallow base red: £1.06
Deep base white: £1.06

Circular bases with bayonet style
Compatibility Sounders Roshni, Roshni Mains, RoLP, Clarifire
Compatibility Beacons Solex, Solista
Compatibility Sounder Beacons/ Flashni, RoLP Solista
IP Rating Shallow IP54 IP rating deep IP65


Powered deep base red: £10.43
Powered deep base white: £10.43

Used to convert standard sounder/ beacon to high voltage
Input 86 to 264v AC 50/60hz
Temperature - 20ºC to + 55ºC
Protection IP65

Fulleon Base Powered Deep Red or White

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