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TLA are leading suppliers of industrial electrical and electronic components, cables, connectors, cable accessories and enclosures to the control panel builder, switchgear builder and machinery manufacturer. Our partners are top quality manufacturers of components for our industry. We work closely with these leading manufacturers, adding value with stock availability, technical assistance and supply chain solutions that makes TLA "the difference".

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As a specialist in connection devices for 50 over years, ABB offers one of the most comprehensive product ranges of terminal blocks and PCB connectors on the market that meets most customer requirements, from small panel builders to large OEMs, from standard distribution and control panels, to the most specialized applications in key industries such as traction, energy, maritime, explosive atmospheres or electronic.

ABB offers the most standard connection in screw or screwless technologies plus the exclusive ADO System®, a unique Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technology.

Choose from thousands of high quality standard terminal blocks and functions. Whatever your requirements are, with ABB Entrelec, you will find the connection products that fit your needs and with TLA Electrical Distributors stocking a wide range of them at very competitive prices, there has never been a better time to try us!

ABB Markers and Marking Systems

Markers and Marking Systems.

A turnkey package for your marking requirements, for detailed product information, please click here

ABB PLC Wiring Systems

PLC Wiring Systems.

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ABB Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks.

A complete range of terminal blocks to meet all your connection needs, for detailed product information, please click here

ABB Test Blocks

Test Blocks.

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