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STEGO products are renowned for their reliability, long life, simplicity of use and high quality. Since 1980 STEGO has been developing and producing innovative products for heating, cooling, temperature and humidity control of electronic enclosures.
TLA Electrical Distributors Ltd are proud to recommend STEGO manufactured heating, cooling and temperature control products and have supplied STEGO products to satisfied customers for many years.

Stego Heating

STEGO Heating.

Due to fluctuating temperatures, condensation can form in enclosures. This can lead to serious malfunctions or, worst case, to component failure.
Convection heaters protect against low temperatures, thus preventing the formation of condensation. Furthermore, fan heaters provide air circulation and ensure constant temperatures in enclosures.

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STEGO Ventilating.

High component densities in enclosures generate increased temperatures which can cause component failure. Filter fans protect against overheating in the enclosure, preventing malfunctions of electrical and electronic components by diverting the warm air away from heat sensitive components.

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Stego Ventilating

Stego Regulating

STEGO Regulating.

Besides properly sized heating or cooling devices in an enclosure, the appropriate temperature and humidity controls are necessary to guarantee the climatic conditions needed for trouble-free operation of electronic and electrical components. STEGO temperature and humidity controls can help achieve the ideal operating conditions even in the harshest environments.

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STEGO Lighting.

Our range of enclosure lights offers a number of options for the lighting of your enclosure, including motion sensor activation. The lamps can be positioned in a variety of places and mounted with little effort.

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Stego Lighting

Stego Accessories

STEGO Accessories.

Supplementing our range of thermal management products are accessories developed to make work at or in enclosures easier and trouble-free.

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