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Expert in the design of efficient and innovative monitoring & control products, Crouzet Control, supported by an experienced worldwide team, offers a broad range of industry standard and application specific adapted products in timing, control relays and counting functions. Crouzet Control is a brand of CST.
That expertise and innovation is a perfect fit for TLA and with excellent prices on Crouzet Control products there has never been a better time to try us!

Crouzet Control Timers


Crouzet Control offers DIN rail and plug-in mountable timers (Chronos 2), panel mountable timers (Analog and Digital), and a wide range of accessories.

These timers are mono-function or multifunction. They offer popular features like delay on energisation, flip-flop, delay/timing on energisation with memory, etc.

Chronos 2 Timers.

Flexible & Reliable DIN Rail & Plug-in Mountable Timers.

Chronos 2 Timers are available in 3 housings:

  • 17.5 mm DIN Rail Modular
  • 22.5 mm DIN Rail Modular
  • 35 mm Plug-In Industrial

Chronos 2 DIN Rail timers feature a mechanical design ideal for modular panels, with a perfect alignment of the terminal blocks. Chronos 2 Plug-in Timers are easy to install and are ideal for applications where ease of maintenance is a primary requirement.

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Crouzet Control Control Relays

Control Relays.

Crouzet Control offers a comprehensive line of Control Relays dedicated to monitoring and detecting abnormal electrical (voltage, current, phase, frequency) or physical (level, temperature, speed, etc.) operating values.

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The reliable and continuous monitoring of three-phase networks (monitoring the phase voltages, phase sequence, phase unbalance and phase loss) guarantees trouble-free and economic operation of machines and installations.
Crouzet Phase Control Relays enable in-time detection of 3-phase electrical network faults: single-phase operating mode or overheating caused by network faults. They indicate the need for maintenance and/or corrective operations before additional costs are incurred (production shutdown, motor repair or replacement, etc).

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Crouzet Level Control Relays include single function and multi-function monitoring relays. They can be used for over flow and dry-running protection, for filling and draining applications, for max and min alarm; or any combination of such functions. In agricultural applications, watering, irrigation, drying, distribution and treatment of water, etc.
Crouzet Level Control Relays are used to manage and protect equipment by controlling emptying and filling levels. To properly respond to the requirements of level control, the Crouzet Level Control range offers relays that monitor by measuring liquid resistivity and enable adjustment of measurement sensitivity so as to precisely set closing and tripping levels. In addition, a selectable time delay takes wave effect into account, avoiding unwanted closing and tripping due to movements of liquid.

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Crouzet Control Counters


Crouzet Control offers counters for electronic or electromechanical counting.

The functions available for our counters include up/down counter, batch counter, ratemeter, chronometer, multi-totaliser, elapsed time counter and impulse counters. These products are used in applications such as heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment, pump management and more.

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