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Established in 1944 Craig and Derricott is a British Manufacturer of control gear products with a reputation for engineering expertise, customer service and well proven products. Craig and Derricott has recently engaged in a program of investment and growth with significant recruitment across the business in Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing. New products are being progressively introduced along with other significant product upgrades and enhancements.
Whatever your requirements are, with Craig & Derricott, you will find the control gear products that fit your needs and with TLA Electrical Distributors stocking a wide range of them at very competitive prices, there has never been a better time to try us!

Craig & Derricott i-switch Isolation Equipment
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i-switch Isolation Equipment.

  • Switch Disconnectors.
  • Fuse Combination Units.
  • Changeover Switches.
  • Moulded Plastic.
  • Die Cast Aluminium.
  • Mild Steel.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Photovoltaic Isolators.
  • ATEX Zone 1 & 2.
  • ATEX Zone 22.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches.
  • LUL Section 12.

Craig & Derricott i-push Control Stations & Components
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i-push Control Stations & Components.

  • Control stations.
  • Components.
  • Emergency Stops.
  • Emergency Stop/Starts.
  • Stops.
  • Starts.
  • ATEX Zone 22.

Craig & Derricott i-select Selector Switches
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i-select Selector Switches.

  • Off/On sequences.
  • Changeover sequence.
  • Multi-step sequences.
  • Multi Step with off sequence.
  • Spring return sequence.
  • Cumulative sequence.
  • Ammeter/Voltmeter sequence.
  • Motor control sequence.

Craig & Derricott i-press Press Switches
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i-press Press Switches.

  • Footswitches.
  • Limit switches.

Craig & Derricott i-grab Grabwire Switches
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i-grab Grabwire Switches.

  • GW range.
  • LW range.

Craig & Derricott mi-switch Bespoke Switches
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mi-switch Bespoke Switches.

  • Bespoke switches to suit individual project needs.

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