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Cembre is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools, railroad products, identification & labelling systems. Much like TLA Electrical Distributors Ltd, at Cembre, quality has a long history of success and recognition. Today the company is one of the few Italian businesses to have adjusted and certified its processes according to strict regulatory standards- Quality (ISO 9001:2008), Environment (ISO 14000) and Safety (OHSAS 18001).
For TLA Electrical Distributors Ltd, Cembre's high quality and strong values are a natural fit and we are proud to supply a wide range of their products at competitive prices.

Cembre Matched connectors & tooling assure conformity

Matched connectors & tooling assure conformity.

Certified solutions that range from the preparation of the electrical cable (cut and strip) to the installation of connectors via compression.

The electromechanical compression connector available in numerous different versions is the Cembre product with worldwide acclaim.
The Cembre offer at TLA includes: connectors for both copper and aluminium cables used in different applications and certified according to international standards, cable glands in polyamide and brass and stainless steel. Mechanical and hydraulic tools- either manual or battery powered- for the compression of joints and cable terminals or for the cutting and stripping of wires and cables are available alongside a wide range of products related to industrial labelling of cables and terminals. Specific thermal printers allow many devices to be immediately labelled.

Printing systems promote efficiency & convenience.

A complete range of products to meet identification requirements in the electrical field for both large users and small consumers.

The company's range of products for the industrial labelling of cables, pipes, terminal blocks, buttons, components and the control panel allows the requirements of every type of user to be satisfied.
From manual labelling systems for those who produce a low number of products to thermal transfer automatic labelling for those who need to label a large number of components, via TLA there is a Cembre solution for all of your needs.

In addition to the consumer material, Cembre directly produces the printers for the labelling process. Alongside the GeniusPro labelling software, produced specifically for the Cembre devices; the printing data can be quickly created via a simple and user-friendly interface.

Cembre Printing systems promote efficiency & convenience

Cembre Portable tools & hydraulic pumps

Portable tools & hydraulic pumps.

The dedication of Cembre technicians led to the development of products that won the Intel Design 2001 and 2003 as well as an Innovation & Design Award.

When creating their new portable hydraulic tools, Cembre had the undeniable advantage of the long-standing experience acquired over years of development and production of manual hydraulic heads and tools, but they set themselves an ambitious goal: raising the standard of the competition with their competitors and producing higher level products in terms of performance, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The range includes:

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